About Us


Executive Staff

Maureen Hoyler Dr. Arnold L. Mitchem
President President Emeritus
Ext. #321 — Ext. #388 —
Kimberly A. Jones Jordana Adelman
Executive Vice President Executive Assistant to the President
Ext. #379 — Ext. #321 —
Esosa Ruffin Holly Hexter
Special Assistant to the Executive Vice President Consultant
Ext. #378 — Ext. #337 —

Membership and Human Resources

Alvin K. Phillips Vanessa Ramirez
Senior Vice President, Membership and Human Resources Director, Membership Services
Ext. #324 — Ext. #349 —
Chelsea Murray
Ext. #350 —

Program and Professional Development

Angelica Vialpando Nicole Norfles
Senior Vice President, Program and Professional Development Director, Program Practice and Innovation
Ext. #331 — Ext. #336 —
Jen Rudolph Sarah Love
Director of Pre-College and State Initiatives Program Associate
Ext. #206 — Ext. #314 —

Public Policy

Jonathan Elkin Zach Farmer
Vice President, Public Policy Director, Congressional Affairs
Ext. #309 — Ext. #380 —

Communications and Marketing

Terrance Hamm Trauvello Stevenson
Associate Vice President, Communications and Marketing Digital Media Manager
Ext. #382 — Ext. #383 —

Development and Strategic Initiatives

Jennifer Wider Patricia Mahomond
Vice President for Advancement and Chief Development Officer Director, Strategic Initiatives
Ext. #387 — Ext. #304 —
Corinne Taylor Tommy Walls
Donor Relations Manager Director, Alumni Relations
Ext. #318 — Ext. #306 —

Business and Finance

Gregory Moldenhauer Wendell Fabul
Vice President, Business and Finance Associate Vice President, Business and Finance
Ext. #309 — Ext. #370 —
Neda Wickson
Office Coordinator
Ext. #329 —

Information Technology

John P. Hernandez Rosa Spencer
Associate Vice President, Technology Database Manager
Ext. #322 — Ext. #313 —

Pell Institute Staff

Margaret Cahalan Terry Vaughan III, Ph.D.
Senior Fellow Vice President, Research
Ext. #207 — Ext. #369 —
Marisha Addison Alysia Marie Genao
Research Associate Research and Program Assistant
Ext. #209 — Ext. #350 —
Sureima Santillan
Research Consultant