Communities of Practice

There are several ways to connect with college access and success professionals throughout our network. Information about COE-sponsored opportunities for professional development and growth for statewide college opportunity program professionals is available here. To learn more about professional associations organized in your region of the country click here. Additionally, COE maintains several Communities of Practice that allow college access and success practitioners to share best practices and cultivate new ideas. To join any of these communities, which are discussed in more detail below, click here.

International Access

The COE International Access Community of Practice will provide a space for college opportunity professionals and their campus colleagues and partners to gain and share knowledge about helping the students they serve gain global competence. Join us to forge connections, access resources related to study abroad for students and professionals, and exchange information on best practices!

Research, Evaluation, and Data Use

The purpose of this community of practice is to generate knowledge and evidence about practices that best serve our students. Community members see research, evaluation, and evidence-supported practices as crucial to improving the success of college access and success programs. Members also believe that knowledge, strategies, and practices that are developed in the many successful programs around the country should be documented and shared with the larger community of college access and success professionals. Finally, this community hopes to share effective, innovative methods for evaluating the success of each individual program. Overall, this community of practice functions as a place to facilitate the sharing of ideas, to network, and to connect institutions in search of ways to better support our students' academic access and success.

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM)

The STEM Community of Practice seeks to generate a place for members to develop a body of common knowledge, practices, and approaches to promoting students toward STEM proficiency and careers. Areas of interest include program delivery and design, STEM resources, collaborations, and professional development. This community seeks to understand the challenges and opportunities related to the provision of STEM support in college access and success programs in different locals, and to build quality relationships among STEM educators, providers, and related entities. The ultimate goal is to support students' opportunities and aspirations to pursue STEM courses of study that will lead to satisfying careers.

State Leadership

The COE State Leadership Community of Practice is designed to create a space for current and incoming state and chapter officers to collaborate and share promising practices with one another that develop state initiatives programs and strengthen the work of their associations. The purpose of this community is to provide resources to assist states and chapters in capacity building. The State Leadership Committee strongly encourages you to engage in discussions in the forum, participate in events and webinars hosted by the community, utilize and upload documents in the resource library, and most importantly reach out and connect with one another.