November — A Data Story on First-Generation Students, by the Pell Institute

SOURCE: Tabulated from the American Community Survey (2017), as included in the Pell Institute, Indicators of Educational Equity in the United States, 2020, Setting the Stage (STS) Indicator 7b.

November 6, 2020

This month we focus on first-generation students in honor of the nationwide First-Generation Celebrations this week. Did you know that recent data from the Census Bureau’s, American Community Survey, found that 80 percent of Hispanic children, 79 percent of Pacific Islander, American Indian and Alaska Native children, 74 percent of Black children, 48 percent of White children, and 32 percent of Asian children under 18 would be first-generation college should they enter college (first-generation defined as neither parent has a bachelor’s degree). Overall, considering all children, 59 percent would be first-generation if they attend college.

Read the full November data story here Document is available for download (.pdf).