Attention, Indiana TRIO Programs — $8K Grants

August 27, 2020

With Investment from the Strada Education Network, COE Will Provide 35 Grants to Indiana TRIO Programs, Requests Proposals

COVID-19 has hit our students and families especially hard. The COE Emergency Grant Aid Initiative provides financial resources to college opportunity programs in Indiana requesting such assistance. This RFP aims to provide financial assistance to your highest-need TRIO participants to help them succeed in their academic programs.

With an investment from the Strada Education Network, COE will provide up to 35 grants to Indiana TRIO programs demonstrating need to distribute Emergency Grant Aid to participants with high need (i.e., low-income individuals who need emergency assistance to maximize learning in their middle or high school programs, enroll in college, or resume a disrupted postsecondary program).

Each program may request up to $8,000 in emergency funding grants, ranging between $50 and $700 per participant. Documentation of the individuals receiving the grants and the amount of each individual grant must be provided to COE. Recipient programs must agree to continue providing support and counseling to each recipient throughout the 2020-21 academic year.

To request an application, please contact Jordana Adelman at (