36th Annual Conference

Conference Strands

Five strands have been specifically developed to provide you with the latest information on issues ranging from college retention of low-income students to preparing students for a technology rich job market.

Developing Non-Cognitive Skills

  • Using Social-Emotional Strategies to Boost Post-Secondary Planning
  • Beyond Academics — Empowering Students with Socio-Emotional Skills
  • Improving Student Success through Modeling, Mentoring, and Othermothering
  • Using Identity Development Theories to Encourage Effective Decision Making

Leadership, Advocacy, and Action

  • Through the Lens of History: TRIO and Higher Education Policy since 1965
  • Activism and Professionalism
  • Reflections from TRIO Alumni in Public Office
  • Changing Culture in K-12 Systems; How Taking Leadership Roles in Policy Can Directly Improve Student Achievement

Start Smart for New Professionals

  • U.S. Department of Education — Update for New College Program Directors
  • U.S. Department of Education — Update for New Pre-College Program Directors
  • Leading to Motivate and Appreciate — Improving Program Productivity and Staff Morale
  • Foundation to Finish — Developing Effective College Access Professionals to Support Students

Moving from Campus to Career

  • The Unwritten Rules for Access to Selective Career Opportunities
  • Corporate Mentoring in the Netherlands — Helping Ethnic Minority Students Access the Workforce
  • Integrating Work and Learning — Lessons from the Travelers
  • The Hidden Path to Tenure — Strategies for Academics of Color
  • Using Identity Development Theories to Encourage Effective Decision Making
  • Graduate Today, Start Working Tomorrow


  • Improving Bachelor’s Degree Attainment for Pell-Grant Recipients — The Role of TRIO Programs
  • Should Students Take 15 Credits per Semester? — Evidence from Research and Its Implication to Student Support Programs
  • Core Issues to Consider When Your Program Is to Be Evaluated
  • Exploring the Intersection of NSF STEM Funding and College Opportunity Programs